Marketing and publicity

Invest in the right advertising and achieve good results

Sometimes we need to place our project in the eyes of the target audience, for this OKM uses advertising in the most appropriate media.

Previous study

If you are not sure how to give the project a little push, leave it in our hands. After analyzing your need through a market study, we will draw up an advertising campaign appropriate to your need, where our experts will apply their knowledge of marketing, advertising, graphic design and SEO, ensuring that the result reaches the desired objectives.

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Frequent questions

The purpose of marketing is for companies to attract, retain and build customer loyalty by satisfying their needs. To do this, the market and consumer behavior are previously studied.

After the previous study, our team will offer you some of the best advertising investment alternatives such as mailboxing, billboards, AdWords, press ads, TV, social networks...etc. The service contract will establish a start date for the product, an end date and a maximum amount to use in a specific medium.

We will send you a periodic report

Of course. If you have special interest in advertising your brand in some specific media, we will take care of managing everything.