After twenty years, Taringa says goodbye

After two decades in operation, the popular forum of Argentine origin will permanently close.

Of more less

If you are wondering what Taringa is, it is probably due to your young age, but we assure you a few years ago it was the most popular forum in the world in Spanish.

Taringa was born twenty years ago when the internet and social networks were still in their infancy. Before the arrival of Wikipedia, or before Google absorbed all the planetary information, its posts were consulted by millions of users eager for knowledge. And in its beginnings, Taringa was the highest quality forum that existed in Spanish. The users were authentic writers who took care of every comma to make the best forum together, if you did not meet the quality standards you could never have been a taringuero.

Each post published made you gain a level, and each “like” gave you more experience, so some lazy people who wanted to increase their level dedicated themselves to uploading posts with simply photos, and these were branded as “scumbags”, a term that Taringa popularized and defined precisely that, a user who effortlessly wanted to gain a level at the expense of bad posts.

It was seen coming

I will not deny that those of us who have been at the forefront of the Internet for more than two decades find this news truly sad, although I have to admit that it was seen coming. 
Taringa was copied and parodied ad nauseam, with users who, using similar templates, wanted to create similar communities, thus, for example, Poringa was born.

Several factors destroyed Taringa and its level dropped, users stopped taking it seriously and the forum's popularity declined. The community began to be neglected years ago, the comments were filled, above all, with xenophobic, erotic and vulgar dialogues, which caused its international fame to decline until it was only known in its country of origin, Argentina.
Taringa also did not know how to compete with the arrival of large knowledge bases and social networks.

After twenty years and millions of posts, the creators have decided to close definitively on March 24, 2024, as announced in a post, although they will leave with pride and a story to tell their grandchildren.


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